My admin user profile "doesnt exist"

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  • Hi, i had 2 users with the same name (for test purpose, facebook and google auth) and when i deleted the normal one, my profile was deleted for the first user...


    Can anyone give me a hint how to recover my profile page?

    Just updated last version of nodebb v0.8.x and im using mongodb

  • Hmm, that sounds like a bug, you shouldn't be able to create two users with the same name.

    When you delete the account, it removes it's entry in the 'userslug:uid' set which that route uses to lookup your profile info, as well as a bunch of other sets. But it doesn't delete your user object at 'user:{uid}' (because your other account has a different uid). You would have to re-add your username to the sets it's removed from in user.delete. I'm unfortunately not sure the exact command you would have to use in mongod though. 😞 You should be able to find your original users uid in /api/users though. 🐦 Renaming the account from the acp may also work.

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    @jim-bridger well you can do pretty much whatever you want as far as the theme is concerned. Generate html with one app and substitute it into the theme.

    Note that NodeBB's navigation bar shows the current user icon so you'll probably want to choose one or the other, not both.

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    I solved my problem.

    Well, sort of. I changed my user language, in my profile from en_US back to en_GB.

    Now my two-factor and user invitation plugin display properly.

    But, why did my user profile language change? I do not recall changing it. Maybe I did at some point and I just do not recall. The last plugin I installed prior to today was the nodebb-plugin-newsletter to test it for the developer, in another thread.

    I un-installed that plugin and it did not make a difference but that is when I noticed my user profile language was set to en_US.

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    Viewing my user page here in the nodeBB community, I encounter the following problem when clicking on the hamburger button.


    As one can see, the menu pops up perfectly fine, but is rendered left of the button, where the visible browser window ends (I moved the full size browser window a bit to the right so that the problem can be seen more clearly).

    So far I have seen the problem on this nodeBB instance only, which is partly because my own instance does not show the hamburger button at all at the moment (see this related topic).

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    Right it's fixed 🙂

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    I just recently upgraded my forum to version 0.9.0 and have the same issue.
    Firefox shows no Settings menu, additionally the user name is not only halfway under the profile picture, but also rendered in white so that it is not shown.

    When selecting a custom skin the hamburger button appears in the area marked with the top left red circle.
    This could at least help as a workaround for users experiencing the problem.

    Edit: I realised from the github discussion that this should be fixed in the current persona master.
    I'll wait for 0.9.1 then.