Required markup

  • When we're building our custom themes, is there any markup we should be aware of that is required by the JavaScript?

    Often I'll remove a class or id only to find a little later that I've broken some functionality.

  • Admin

    We're attempting to transition to using @psychobunny's "components" system. You'll see parts of it throughout the site, where we used to have class="something", now has component="system/subsystem".

    If you find references to a class that serve no purpose, they are probably referenced via theme and/or client-side JS, and should probably be moved to a component.

    For this case, I'd file 1 issue with all of the ones you find, not one per issue 😆

  • @julian The move to custom data attributes makes complete sense. The only thing I'd point out is their naming (and I think @psychobunny has mentioned this himself in the past). As far as I know, in order for custom data attributes to be valid, they should be prefixed with data-. So for example it should be data-component.

  • Admin

    Preaching to the choir, buddy. @psychobunny flies by his own rules 😆

    I'd code in an update for this, although it's just a matter of finding the time.

  • @julian how about running one huge find and replace job? Wait... on second thoughts maybe not ha



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