Email configuration using local Postfix

  • Is there a way to enable email by using the a local Postfix (or similar) install?

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    Yes. Just install local emailer plugin and dont configure it

  • said:

    Yes. Just install local emailer plugin and dont configure it

    Where will I find this plugin? I have searched for email on the plugin list, and only Sendgrid shows. Thanks!

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    The list only currently shows plugins known to work on the version you're using. After I build automated testing for plugins I'll add a secondary tab which will let you install plugins that haven't been updated (but probably works anyways)

    So, you'll need to npm i nodebb-plugin-emailer-local manually, the startup log will give you the command to undo it if it doesn't work.

  • @psychobunny excellent, thanks. It installed without problems, and test email went out, so it's alive!

  • Admin

    :+1: nice

  • As of version 1.0.0 NodeBB has by default enabled sendmail transport plugin. So it's enough to make available "sendmail" command in your system.

    For example on Debian Jessie with postfix installed you can do so with symlink:
    ln -s /usr/sbin/sendmail /usr/local/bin/sendmail
    and test it like:
    echo "Test mail" | sendmail -i -f

    Note: I know it's an old thread, by I want to make it clear to those who comes here from google, like me.

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