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    I think this can be done by change regex parsing the width and length of the image in markdown or external plugin.

    For example default markdown syntax for images ![text](image.jpg), we can change it to ![text](image.jpg|200x400) and set value in style of image like style="width:200px; height:400px"

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    I think it is easier than it may seem looking at reddit. For example, for most, there will be enough something like curated categories. Let's say these categories can be created by users only from the Curators group. The same users will be moderators in the category they created.

    Customization group. It is quite enough to display a custom banner of the curated category below the top menu and a widget of something like "similar posts from this category". Later, with the help of plugins, it is possible to give curators the opportunity to change several styles / colors of the main template for their category (of course, if someone needs this functionality).

    So, we get 90% of the functionality of the reddit + what NodeBB itself brings. This can give a huge boost to some types of community that could grow at the expense of narrower niches covered by users.

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    That's an unrelated bug check here https://github.com/NodeBB/NodeBB/issues/2711

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    @nik said:

    Mobile view - this needs major rework and a dedicated mobile theme. Right now it's practically unusable to type as the keyboard is taking up 95% of the composer box. The voting buttons are too small and things basically don't look right for anything but browsing. Other buttons to attach pics are equally too small. Needs mobile specific features like 'take a pic'.

    The composer in mobile view is a serious issue, it's barely usable in the current form. Just a pair of lines show up, depending on the screen size. Isn't there a way to fill the screen with the text area without resizing it when popping out the keyboard?

    Geotagging is also very cool and innovative. I see a lot of uses for it, think about combining it with an event plugin.

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    Updated with package info to be visible in 0.8.x. Sorry about that oversight! 🍺