Is it possible to filter the page title?

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    I figured it out from going through the code. I guess hidden groups are deliberately not populated in userGroups. Seems like it'd be helpful to have an extra flag for groups that determines whether or not it's selectable as a title aside from hidden (maybe I don't want the group or list of members to be available publicly but still want to use the associated title) but it might be too much of a corner case for me. For now, I've unhidden the groups that I really needed and made sure to disable join requests on them.

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    @SatoshiCamp The header is loaded once, and if you navigate between pages, the header is not loaded again.

    So it looks like you'll want to use a client-side solution for this.

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    I created issue on the github. Please, it is very important, for me.

    Comment on the issue:

    I've written before about long loading in the administrative panel of categories, but it is important this issue!

    If more than 1500 categories, the loading becomes unbearably long, especially on slower servers, more than 10 seconds! On a very good server, it is more than 3 seconds.

    Please, deal with it as soon as possible! I do not want to change NodeBB ipboard, phpbb or something.

    Please tell me when it will be decided?

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    @baris thanks!!!

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    Can I select two tags and filter the discussions based on that?