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    @Jenkler said in NodeBB Usage Statistics:

    We will win this war in the long run. Just because NodeBB is Awesome

    I agree. NodeBB is awesome

  • Docker NodeBB v0.5

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    @qgp9 said:

    No documentations yet, but soon

    I have done this 🙂

    NodeBB with Docker full chain ( nginx, redis, mongodb )

    I would like to introduce what I have done with a NodeBB and a docker. GitHub - qgp9/nodebb-docker-dev Contribute ...


    NodeBB Community (

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    haha, that thing broke a while ago, now I just update it every time we do a minor release. should look into it when I get the time

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    nodebb-plugin-dbsearch and nodebb-plugin-solr use those hooks 🙂

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    I'm trying to create a user via php to be recognized by nodebb authentication form. I do this via predis, so I can talk to redis via php.
    This is the relevant part of the code that creates a user in redisdb for nodebb in php:

    But sadly, when I tried to login with such created account via php it didn't work and said "User does not exists".
    I checked all 'legit' userdata with my userdata created by php and I can't detect any flaws

    This is what I told php to create in redis, it's all verified and there:

    populate 'user:#' with 22 key's where # is uid populate 'email:uid' with user email and uid populate 'group:registered-users:members' with uid populate 'users:joindate' with 0 and uid populate 'users:joindate' with 0 and uid populate 'users:postcount' with 0 and uid populate 'reputation' with 0 and uid populate 'username:uid' with username and uid populate 'userslug:uid' with userslug and uid

    What am I missing :C??? I checked redis and the data is all their, but nodebb says the user does not exists

    EDIT: I checked the users tab in admin and saw that the username is there that was created from php. After I press the save button on the profile edit page of that profile, that account can then login! how strange. I'm going to do more digging until someone knows what i'm missing here.

    EDIT 2: I forgot slugifying userslug:uid in redis. Finally fix it 🙂