• Here's an interesting one: I have NodeBB set up on localhost mainly to test some minor things. (using Redis, Nginx on Ubuntu 14.04). It's a brand new install I've had running for a couple of days.

    I powered off my laptop, went to have dinner and just fired everything up again to find all of my admin settings gone along with all posts, topics and categories I created.

    I just run ./nodebb setup again so am back up again (minus all my test data) but any idea why this might have happened?

  • Well, that's terrifying.

    Excuse me while I never reboot my server again.

  • @Arc had it have been production, I'd have had backups. Being this was my dev site, nothing really lost.

  • No Redis persistence
    It's an in-memory key:value store. If you don't persist it with dumps or AOF or both you'll nuke everything on reboot of redis.
    Hope that helps.

  • @drew Thanks for the heads up! Glad this happened now. I can read up on it and hopefully put something in place.

  • GNU/Linux Admin

    Now technically, by default, Redis will persist to disk, but any number of reasons might cause it to stop working:

    • Redis installed manually with custom config file that turns persistence off
    • Not enough memory (!!)
    • Dump file set to or located in file/directory that is non-writable

    Either way, Redis will output warnings on startup if it cannot write to the dump.rdb file, so check Redis logs! 🙂

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