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    I'm using nodebb-plugin-ns-custom-fields plugin. but it seems not working.I wasn't found the setting page in my acp panel. Does anyone know how to fix this problem or some alternative plugins to add custom fields in user's profile

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    Thanks for the kind words 😃

    Yes -- with the custom pages plugin, you can create your home page... and then under "General -> Home Page" you can set your home page to that page (or a custom route, probably)

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    I installed and activated the plugin-sanitizehtml , restarted NodeBB as instructed, saved the default plug-in settings from ACP.
    But, now all my HTML tags have been stripped off (I can tell by looking at the source)
    What am I missing ?
    BTW, I uninstalled the Markdown-plugIn before installing the sanitizehtml plugIn.

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    I've noticed a wee problem with Wordpress/blog comments.

    At first I was being hit by a 503 error - which turned out it was Akismet blocking the publishing of a post as it was being flagged as spam in NodeBB. Deactivate that, it's fine.

    The post in question was just a YouTube video.

    You see, when I publish a post, the social sharing links (the exact ones i'm using on Wordpress for now are the Jetpack ones) are also posted in the forum topic.

    Now - is there any way of filtering these out? It will take two minutes to edit the thing, but just wondered if anyone else came across the same.

    Here's the original post:

    And here's the NodeBB topic for the comments:

    What I will do (later) is just remove the social links which have appeared and put the video in there instead, it's not a massive issue, just adds a little more housekeeping when posting things later.

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    @DanaGriffin said:

    As the title suggest, I am trying to allow my users to upload documents on the forum. Are there any plugins to do so, or is this something I will have to implement myself? Thanks for your patience.

    You could allow local uploading and specify a file size, go to Settings > Post > Tick Allow Users to Upload Regular Files, then adjust the file size from the default 2mb to whatever you feel you need.

    This will give you a new icon on the composer. I've just tested it with a pdf and it works fine.