NodeBB V0.7.3 Broke emailer-mandrill-plugin?

  • I no longer see it under the ACP panel and I need this so that my forum can send confirmation emails to my users who register.

    How would I get this back?

    From the github page it says to run npm install nodebb-plugin-emailer-mandrill
    however, with my luck something else will go wrong and I don't want to risk anything at this point.

  • NodeBB

    If you upgraded to 0.7.3 the plugin should be still installed. Can't you access it at /admin/plugins/emailer-mandrill?

  • @baris from this post I had trouble installing it initially. I removed node_modules and reinstalled the files.

  • NodeBB

    If you removed node_modules then you need to reinstall it using npm i nodebb-plugin-emailer-mandrill.

    The reason it doesn't show up in acp plugin list is because of the latest changes to nbbpm. See here for details.

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