Is my server migration process OK?

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  • Hello,

    I discovered NodeBB a couple of days ago and have been playing with it in Cloud9, OpenShift and on my computer.

    When doing a server migration, I noticed that some parts needed special care, so I'm asking you guys if I'm not missing something with my server migration process which is:

    1. Clone NodeBB from github on the new server
    2. Install dependencies with npm
    3. Copy database from old server (I use Mongodb)
    4. Re-install plugins, I had to do this manually, I did ls -nl node_modules/ | grep node-plugin on the old server then re-installed those plugins in the new server.
    5. Copy uploads.
  • That should be ok. Depending on whether you're on master branch or not, the underlying core codebase may have changed, so you may want to take care to git reset to the specific hash you were on prior to the migration.

    I also just tend to use rsync on both node_modules/ and public/uploads/, as that will make sure both directories are exactly the same, but you don't have to do that.

  • @julian Great tips here, thanks.

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