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  • NodeBB Upgrade Error

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    No, I did not. It worked after I did so. Somehow I missed that obvious section...

  • How to stop Welcome email in nodebb?

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    As @baris has replied in that issue, this is already a feature in the ACP. 👍

    It sounds like you are looking to disable the "welcome" email, but preserve the existing email confirmation emails, yes?

    In that case, you'll have to wait until v2.2.0, at which point you can use a plugin to change the template for the welcome email back to verify-email.

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    Looking for solutions for this problem I tried nodebb-plugin-session-sharing plugin, which is supposed to generate JWT token if I understand correctly, I didn't manage yet to generate it although I think I correctly configured it.

    Anyways, what I see in the cookie storage is cookie named express.sid which itself seems that it's not JWT cookie, but of some other kind, what I would want to know is it possible to decode that cookie on different subdoman of the same site, what I have is (where NodeBB is installed) and which is running Node.js application.

    I need a simplest solution I can get, I don't want to mess with SSO systems like FusionAuth of Keycloak, I want to use NodeBB's user registration system.

  • Move from mybb to nodebb

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    Could be possible. At least it works now ^^

  • Nodebb dont work

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    @PitaJ Yes i wrote in 2 post first of this.

    I installed version 1.1.0 but when im logged , the site was again freezed. For this i deleted dump.rdb from redis folder and i redid "./nodebb setup" to re-create the database. After i tried to re-create the bug, for this i uploaded the same "Image/Logo" and change "Site Title" . But no problems.
    Now seems work all perfecly.

    There is a urgent bug in 1.1.2 . I think that there is a bug in the database.
    I noticed that at the beginning , before of the bug in 1.1.2 , the cover of profile didn't worked, the users upload the image , but was invisible "all white". Worked only the avatar.
    In 1.1.0 this bug there isn't and at the beginning , the cover of profile worked.
    There is something broken in 1.1.2 .....