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  • I'm currently using

          "hook": "action:email.send",
          "method": "email",
          "priority": 5

    within the emoji-extended plugin.json, it resolves to this function:

      return data.html+="\n<style type='text/css'>"+EMAIL_STYLE+"</style>"

    (compiled coffeescript, EMAIL_STYLE is a defined variable)

    I'm sure this has been working some time ago in local tests for appending those styles to any emails.
    It's not working anymore as it seems. I cannot find the appended styles anywhere within emails I receive.

    I can't figure out why it's not working anymore. It's all synchronous, so the change within the data should trigger before the call of the mailers (with default priority, 10) action-hook. And even so it's an action hook the priority matters according to my reverse-engineering...

    I'd love to see this hook being replaced with a filter since such use is dirty and prevents asynchronous handling. Maybe this would also solve the problem...

    Tested with emails of this board...

  • Yeah actions don't have any return values, maybe they did long ago, but that is not the case anymore. We can possibly add a filter:email.send

  • They never did to my knowledge, the return is just coffeescript generated, isn't supposed to change anything.
    Why it worked was because of the strict synchronous call order: the fireHook -> asyn.each -> my hook-method doesn't have anything asynchronous inside (the async.each works synchronous if next is called synchronously, I checked the source). So my change of data.html should be before the emailers hook-method gets called in each case. And since it's a change within the data object that gets passed to the emailers hook-method later on the change should be working.

    We can possibly add a filter:email.send

    Would be great 😄 In this case the question why it's not working anymore is just nice to know... If anybody has an idea...

  • Possibly the mail server strips out style tags? 😄

  • Didn't thought of this yet o_O
    But I assume if it's the mailserver it's more probable that it filters out everything that's not contained by the html tag...
    I assume I'll need some better string-manipulation then.

    Can I assume that any html-string for emails contains a head-tag?

  • Actually, I don't think we use those tags at all. We just send html without the appropriate wrappings (<html>, <head>, etc), assuming that the mail server will do it for us.

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