[nodebb-plugin-integration-steam] Another Steam SSO plugin

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  • Hello everyone! I had problems with existing steam sso plugin so i've made this one. Maybe someone will find it usefull.


    • When user login via Steam first time, he is forced to fill username and email to create new valid forum user (nodebb-plugin-sso-steam doesn't fill email and doesn't even check username to be valid / already taken, this leads to undefined behavior)
    • User also able to link existing account with Steam and use both normal and Steam auth methods
    • Avatars are uploaded to the forum server via default avatar mechanism (nodebb-plugin-sso-steam just set avatar link to steam cache, but those urls can changes)
    • Correct support of registration type (no new users if 'disabled' or 'invite-only' mod chosen, but existing users still can link their account with Steam)
    • Correct user removal process
    • Correct 'Login with steam' button (according to TOS)

    Nice picture:

    To install type npm install nodebb-plugin-integration-steam
    Note that 0.7.2+ required
    If you user admin panel to install, check plugin version, it should be 1.2.0+

    After installation go to Admin Panel -> Steam and configure plugin. Reload may be needed to apply changes

    To report any issues use Github

    I also plan to add more steam-related futures, but there is lack of plugin API's to make what i want.

  • Oohh you have no idea how long I waited for a updated version of this. I will give it a shot and see if it works on my end.

  • Everytime i try to login or register through steam i have 502 bad gateway πŸ˜•

    Edit: forgot to put screenshot

  • Finaly managed to fix 502, needed to use node v4 instead of v6.

    Still having an issue with this plugin when i try to login :

    Registration Error

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