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  • I need Help!!!

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    Is there a guy who uploaded a video for installing nodebb using c9? I am having a hard time

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    can you limit the # of recent posts to get via param, say if you only want 2 of the most recent?

  • Upgrade help

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    Thanks for all the help, as usual Nodebb support top notch

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    You'll have to ask @psychobunny if it's not working any more (I haven't tested), but this
    Should be what you need, install it like any other plugin.


  • Need some help please

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    these all related to ubntu not centos.
    also this topic not perfect for CentOS, you are using ubntu too...

    and the link on github is not working...
    Installing NodeBB on CentOS

    it should be fixed and should be step by step as for another tutorials are their.
    and why not make a compatible auto install for cpanel. IMO most of people use cPANEL and one click nodebb install would be amazing.

    Actually all but the last 3-4 posts in my thread are 100% CentOS. It was not until after I spent countless hours trying to make it work I realized that I am not going to risk my 2 live forums on a development site. So I plunked down the 5 bucks and opened a Digital Ocean account to get rid of the headache.

    I got it up and running almost exactly how I wanted it. But in the end the proxy issues presented when I have 2 live forums on the same server was more hassle than value so I moved the NodeBB site to ubuntu for the ease of use since it's what the developers are using here.

    There is no "easy guide" yet, you have to put in a little work. Feel free to use any info in my thread to write up a CentOS guide for other users 🙂