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    Hi there! Is there an easy solution to move items that are located on the header to a sidebar? I would like to use a custom header for all elements of a complex website, so there is no way to use all the nodebb controls there, only on a sidebar..

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    You can possibly draw inspiration from @pichalite's Material theme, which uses a sidebar

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    Thanks for your quick feedback @julian, I'll check it out.. though would be good if someone cares about it as a default theme switch. Because usually any community system (a forum, etc.) are integrated into a website, and it is not ok from ux point of view to disorient users by adding your own header, as it breaks navigation of the existing website. The same happens btw even with current nodebb website -> just now I was on the main page and then after pressing community there is no way to go back and see pricing.. so you force your users to manually reenter url, that is a weak sales strategy, you know.. 😉

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    So I made some changes to core, now you can modify where the url the brand logo points to. I changed it to here. Also added a link to the categories in the navigation in the header.

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