Can't move one category to another

  • I can't understand what's wrong. Did this before, but now, when i'm trying to move one category to another i get the error


    this error points to nodebb.min.js?v=v0.7.0-8-gaa001b5:12847

    2015-07-10 19-46-46 - Google Chrome.png

    I did "./nodebb upgrade" and "git pull" on my server 4 days ago.

  • GNU/Linux Admin

    What do you see in the server-side logs, is NodeBB crashing?

  • Sorry for your time. Was too forgetful to check server logs. It's my mistake, I didn't deactivate the nodebb-plugin-ns-slugify which made for 0.7.1 version, not for 0.7.0. 😐

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