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  • Cleaning downvotes by User X

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    @gotwf said in Cleaning downvotes by User X:

    @crazycells Cool beans. 🐕

    @crazycells said in Cleaning downvotes by User X:

    But we prefer to ban them rather than deleting the account, since later the same trolls can re-open an account.


    Perchance are you using StopForumSpam? Iirc, it tracks email addresses for reported spammers. Or maybe that is Project Honeypot? Hmm.. Maybe both! Heh.

    Regardless, w/the code above you've the best of both worlds. Woot! 🦉

    Yes, this code helped a lot. We have both StopForumSpam and Honeypot activated; however, these people are not trolls in the classical sense. I do not think they are active in any other forums...

    We are the largest and only serious Turkish-American immigration forum, but there are tens of Facebook groups... These people fight with other members in other social platforms, mostly on other Facebook groups, then they take "revenge" in our forum 🙂

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    @srinik Think about it: Where/how does google make its money? Those big data relationship maps are more valuable than your post content. And that is why google bot finds and indexes even against robots.txt.

    Yeah, I know googbot does not respect robots.txt and you need to create an account, use their tools, etc. to in efforts to potty train their bot. And therein... they can track even more big data. And googbot still indexes your profiles as it seems it pretty much has a mind of its own and carte blanche to do whatever since we all are so desperate for page rankings.

    So, now that we've thought about it for five to ten seconds, do you still find this behavior surprising?

    Heh, wife is an accountant: When confused: Follow the Money!!

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    @PitaJ bumping up

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    @jimmyc2018 maybe your server restarted without you knowing and mongo and nodebb didn't automatically start back up?
    Have you tried starting the mongod service and then starting nodebb?

    Btw, you shouldn't run NodeBB with root or sudo. That may also be causing the problem.

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    @Joykiller there is no issue setting NodeBB up as root. I always do it like that and later chown the installation to another user. Then I start NodeBB over Supervisoe from that non-root user.

    All issues resolved. 😛
    Re-setup everything.