[nodebb-plugin-newrelic] Idea, Hopefully Reality (Within Next Month)

  • @CaioDA you could at least tell what your plugin will do 😉

  • @BarveyHirdman Its rather simple and I'm ashamed it's taking me so long. It will add the New Relic require('newrelic'); code to the start of the application and add an admin panel to configure it. Simple enough for a first node.js and NodeBB plugin ever, eh?

  • @CaioDA

    But that still doesn't tell us what New Relic is. You are assuming that everybody knows what New Relic is and does.

  • @planner Oh, sorry, not used to being specific. New Relic is a service that monitors your web applications and offers helpful insights into what is going on, such as RAM, CPU, and other usages. It helps you track down issues if they're happening, and helps you make smarter decisions when scaling your web application. More information is available on the website: http://newrelic.com/application-monitoring. This plugin just makes it easier to configure the application monitoring of New Relic to monitor NodeBB.

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    I know StrongLoop recently acquired NodeFly (and rebranded it StrongOps)... perhaps we can also get a plugin for StrongOps integration too 🙂

  • I'm currently using New Relic for monitoring my NodeJS apps, and it's really good. I was just curious what it will do that makes it a plugin, but yeah an admin panel is a good idea, much better than editing config files 🙂

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    @BarveyHirdman do they have admin panel API? can we iFrame it?

  • @bentael I guess so, haven't tried.

  • Since this is about monitoring, perhaps somebody should consider a plugin for Graylog2

  • I'm only doing this because I am really familiar with their node.js implementation, and even then, I'm still rather lost.

    @bentael Unless you are running on an SSL forum, there is no way to iframe their interface without "warning messages". At least, that was the case last time I tried (last year or so). I'll do some research into it and will include an iFrame if they allow it.

    @BarveyHirdman Currently, there is one limitation, being that you have to manually map the location of the newrelic.js file to the nodebb-plugin-newrelic location. I'm trying to see if I can ship a modified version of New Relic node.js implementation with this, but it has a proprietary license. I'll contact them to see if I can do what I need.

    @planner Graylog2 seems very interesting. However, New Relic is an external service and can measure things such as speed more accurately, not to mention that you don't have to host it (my reasons to use it anyway). I will keep an eye on Graylog2, though.

    Update: Got the outline of the app ready to go. Gonna read up on node.js and javascript in general before I add the finishing details. Expect to be done by the next 2 or 3 weeks.

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