adding a `filter:user.create` hook, I have some uncertainties

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    I think this is available on master, once we release 1.0.0 you will be able to get the users by adding ?page=x

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    All new users have the option sound disabled, maybe u can make function in admin/settings/user to enable it by default for new users?

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    @anas-ameziane said:

    Is there any hook that get called before loading any pages ?

    Yeah I tend to use this for example... before it loads, and then after.
    Perhaps I'm way off lol.

    $(window).on('action:ajaxify.start', function() { // ...stuff }); $(window).on('action:ajaxify.end', function() { // ...stuff });
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    Hey, get ready to be confused @frissdiegurke -- there's a third type of hook, rounding out the behaviours 😆

    action hooks are, as @Mega describes, fired when something happens, and NodeBB doesn't care about the response. filters are fired when plugins might change things. The majority of hooks in NodeBB are filters. static hooks are fired when you need NodeBB to wait until your plugin is complete in order to do something. There is only one static hook available right now: static:app.load, which is fired on startup.

    In this case, since the post is already slated to be deleted, but you want to do something before it is deleted... we may want to consider adding a new hook called static:post.purge.

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    As for the ACP, it has not been implemented yet. However, the ability to delete a user is one of the features listed for NodeBB0.4.0 on GitHub. Let's just hope that it makes it. You may tack its progress here.

    It's been completed. Check out the latest git pull