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    @pitaj Well, this info is golden.

    This clearly needs to be documented well and easily found. The usage message of ./nodebb setup --help should indicate the expected syntax and strikingly point out config.json is the wrong syntax in this case to be fed into ./nodebb setup.

    In the long run, there should be no special case or different syntax between node app --setup and ./nodebb setup.

    Thank you, @PitaJ, @Max-0 .

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    @julian, if you see my config.json, : * is already there.

    Well, I guess the best option is to put the Wordpress site on the same server as NodeBB. I don't think it's going to be this complicated ;). Thanks for your help, @julian & @PitaJ

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    Redis for Windows is not well supported. In fact, it's not even officially supported by Redis. I always use Mongo on Windows. (and I dev on Windows) because Redis is a pain to set up.

    Python is used for build scripts for dependencies AFAIK. This may no longer be necessary.

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    @ron_jeremy We do offer the non-profit plan (at the $20/mo price point), although support is not included with that plan, and is billed hourly.

    We'd need any non-profit documentation you can obtain (either provincial or federal) in order to verify eligibility 🙂

  • NodeBB - FF 38.05 hangs

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    I've noticed over the past week on and now here when making another report that when I am surfing around the site, or clicking a button, frequently my browser will hang for a moment (up to several seconds). Then occasionally the browser will white out and say Not Responding.