I added a new topic and it is not saved.

  • I added a new topic in my forum and it does not saved correctly. Now it is showing only the title in recent and category page. But clicking on it shows error page. You can find it here:


    Try opening the page "Kill Piracy!!!" and you will get an error. You can also see this topic in recent posts.

    Now I am not able to delete this topic, so that I can add new. I tried installing Mongo Express UI also, but there was not any topic with content "Kill piracy!!!".

    Please help.

  • Please can someone look into this issue for me. How come only part of a data is saved? and even I am not able to view it in Mongo. It looks like it is coming from nowhere.

  • GNU/Linux Admin

    npm ls mongodb

  • Running this command gave below output

    └─┬ mongo-express@0.21.0
    └── mongodb@1.3.23

    Also when I try to select and delete the topic then it says - "This topic has already been deleted".
    Also another issue related with this, when I Added a new topic it gave the same error and now the new topic in error, is showing both categories, while the new one was posted in separate category.

    On the page http://thehuddle.club/category/10/movies, you can find "The Big Mobile charging problem", which is actually posted in Mobile and Gadgets category, and did not saved correctly.

  • Please help me on this issue. The posts are not there in the DB but still showing in the Topic listing. When I try to delete them it says, the entry is already deleted. And if it is deleted then how it is listing in the topics????

  • NodeBB

    Upgrade your mongodb dependency to 2.0.0+.

    To delete the topics you will have to delete them from mongo shell. They are probably under topics:null

    See my post here https://community.nodebb.org/topic/4155/last-pull-from-master-new-topics-are-null/24

  • Hi Baris,

    And thank you so much for pointing me to the right direction. I was not clear how to delete/update these database settings. I have used Mongo_Express for this and cleaned the database according to your referenced topic. And it finally cleared the unwanted topics from my forum.

    Thank you so much.


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