Widget area's Persona and wide button

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    Hello, I've noticed this on the 0.7.0 stable and previous releases. Haven't played around with it much for a while

    I have been altering simple css via editing variables.less directly and adding custom html/css code via the ACP.

    I've edited quite a large amount of the css so would be understandable if it was something I have done but I have noticed a difference with Lavender from Persona. Simple one - wide span clickable icon dissapears quite easily, but that's not my main issue it's that in the ACP the , the Extend->Widgets-> 'Widget Area's' seems to revert quite easily back to only 2 simple area's in the tabs. being

    Extend->Widgets "Widget areas" only has:


    have I done something major to effect this ? Would seem like a major bug if it reverts back to this quite easily.


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    Nothing you did there -- Persona only has those widget areas 😄

    @psychobunny is working on it 😉

  • GNU/Linux

    ohh #$%* 😉

    Seemed like it was working initially, thanks @julian

  • im trying to have a html box but only on certain page(s) trying to avoid the global widget

  • Gamers

    @julian how can I add other area to Persona ? I just want some in the Home, other in the Detail.

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