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  • Hi,

    I hope you can help. Been trying to work this out for a few days.

    I have the local emailer all set up. Its able to send the test emails just fine.
    It can also send the password reset emails.

    However it sends no Email Activation Link.


    • Clean Install
    • Raspberry Pi B+
    • Raspbian - Up to date
    • Node = 0.12.1
    • Nodebb = 0.7.0
    • Change to crypt instead of cryptjs
    • nodebb-plugin-emailer-ssl-smtp = 0.1.7
    • Gmail Smtp = = Port 465
    • Require Email Activation Setting Active

    Theres no log when trying to get these emails to send. There is for the test email.

    Every time a user logs in and gets the Verify email warning... It says that you need to wait 10 Minutes.

    No matter how long you wait it never try's to send an activation link.

    Please help.... And thanks in advance

  • Hello Phate.

    Have you tried it exact this way:

    And please append your report and additional informations here:

  • Thanks for the reply....

    Yes I did try that.... No luck......

    The difference is mine half works straight out of the box.

    I will try another complete reinstall and follow those instructions again.

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