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  • Hey. I got a problem with analytics plugin. When I navigate through forums, every page is counted as "unique" visitor in google analytics and so it counts as a 100% bounce rate. And now, I just came to my forum and saw 60 online users, I thought it can't be true because I didn't atvertise it anywhere, it is kinda private so far. So I went to google analytics and saw that 60 active, but every of them were from my computer and 100% bounce rate. Is it only me or it is happening to others?

    EDIT: I noticed it shows not my computer, it shows SERVER as active visitor even though I am not browsing a forum. It seems like server browses all available topics automatically and google analytics counts it as a visit

  • Hey @dove

    I've noticed the same thing happening as well. The problem is that the analytics plugin is treating each server page view as an individual user, which is not the case.

    I'm looking to address it in the next version of the GA plugin.

  • Thanks bro, looking forward to it 🙂

  • Any update on it? Would like to see real stats on GA, not some random 😄

  • @julian i thought I read somewhere about client side hook action:page.load, if that's true, can the ga plugin just use that on the browser to trigger page views, and no more server-side ga?

    Also, if I may suggest, using the newer GA, for a better async tracking

  • @bentael Oh probably, the plugin itself is due for a rewrite, and uses a hook that really shouldn't be used, since a client-side alternative would be much better.

    trackEvent for page loads, possibly... Perhaps I can take a look at this plugin tomorrow, time permitting.

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