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  • Styling bug?

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    My report isn't 100% correct.

    When resizing the browser smaller, the top bar does become 2x taller, but the title and breadcrumb are rendered beneath properly.

    So it's only a normal (not full screen) kind of browser window with a long site title that exhibits the problem.

  • Bug in Russian lang

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    Thank you for your interest in helping us translate NodeBB. Our translations are stored in Transifex at the link below.


    Any translations or corrections you provide are very much appreciated.

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    I just recently upgraded my forum to version 0.9.0 and have the same issue.
    Firefox shows no Settings menu, additionally the user name is not only halfway under the profile picture, but also rendered in white so that it is not shown.

    When selecting a custom skin the hamburger button appears in the area marked with the top left red circle.
    This could at least help as a workaround for users experiencing the problem.

    Edit: I realised from the github discussion that this should be fixed in the current persona master.
    I'll wait for 0.9.1 then.

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    I have found the issue.
    Previously settings have been used for extra block creation, now it's customSettings
    Changing everything accordingly fixes issue.

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    Fixed as of https://github.com/NodeBB/NodeBB/commit/5ec289eee2c44f4dd49e7b2884d27dd1acb20d5c.

    The problem was I was deleting tags that no longer had topics but was doing it in the wrong place. If a user couldn't see any topics the code was deleting the tag. I moved it up to actually check the tids and not the topics the user can see.