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    @twissell you never asked the topic as question, but you can do so to an already posted topic by pressing the settings gear next to your topic title (next to reply button) and click ask as question.

    Then click the tree dots button on a reply (@PitaJ ‘s in this case) and click select as answer.

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    idk, I am not developer, just webmaster 🙂
    I hope it will be done someday

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    Oh thank you all!!

    To be honest, it is also in my own interest. I'm starting to delve into node and I plan to use it in the future for my own sites and applications so translating NodeBB is also in my best interest, since I'm gonna use it in the future for my sites, and I'll need my sites to be in a variety of languages hahah.

    It'll be also nice to help a bit with the development, devoloping some random plugin, or just seeing how such a big project works so I can learn further about the works of Nodejs.

    So it's also in my best interest too haha. You're probably gonna see me around quite a bit in the future, so... Hello to you all! And thanks for your kindness!!

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    Ok, maybe!

    But it can be nice with support with native language. Many people prefer to ask stuff in native mode 😛

    A better solution is maybe to setup a new forum for only swedish people 🙂 Yepp, will do that instead. F**k this idea 🙂

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    No need for that here. But maybe a plugin in the future 🙂