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    I am trying to understand where is the user data from the installation guide stored? Since my MongoDB /bin /db folder is empty i am wondering where it is stored. ^^
    I know this is basic but i am trying to understand nodebb better. Is the maybe something written or a video explaining the basics?`I dont really know where to start...

  • Password rules setting?

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    Heh, but be prepared for the unwashed masses to whinge about it. After all "it is only a forum, not my bank account".

    Uhhmmm.... Cluebat people: It is not just about YOUR personal information but also about the platform not being abused just because end lusers are lazy. Indeed, I'd argue that the latter is at least, if not more important.

    So good on 'ya for the screenshot selecint, imho, one of what should be the only options. 👍

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    @gotwf 9.5 (Ya I know is a very old version 😑 )

  • Manually change digest settings

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    I think a script like this could work:

    'use strict'; var nconf = require('nconf'); var async = require('async'); nconf.file({ file: 'config.json', }); nconf.defaults({ base_dir: __dirname, views_dir: './build/public/templates', }); var db = require('./src/database'); async.series([ db.init, process, ], (err) => { if (err) { console.error(err); process.exit(1); } process.exit(); }); const freq = 'off'; // or daily, weekly, monthly function process(callback) { var batch = require('./src/batch'); var User = require('./src/user'); batch.processSortedSet('users:joindate', function (uids, next) { async.parallel([ cb => async.each(uids, (uid, next) => { User.setSetting(uid, 'dailyDigestFreq', freq, next); }, cb), cb => async.each(uids, (uid, next) => { User.updateDigestSetting(uid, freq, next); }, cb), ], next); }, callback); }

    I think this should work to set all users to a specific frequency. Please backup your database before trying this. You might also need to fix a couple JS errors, I haven't tried this myself.

    Create a new file called process-users.js in your main nodebb directory (the one with config.json etc), paste that script into it, set the frequency you desire, and run node process-users from within that directory to set all of your users to the selected frequency.

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    I tried this a while back and didn't get anywhere. Anyone know of a fix or something to disallow moderators to see certain categories. Would appreciate any help. ❤