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    Bulk account creation

    I am looking at Nodebb for an organisation with several thousand members and would like to be able to populate the system with accounts.

    Is there a plugin or bit of code that I can use to do this?

    Bulk group creation

    The goal is to take some of the members and associate them with a special interest group, again we have this in our CRM but would really rather not have to type them in.


    While batch mode stuff is all well and dandy and almost certainly what we will go with to start with to test out our hypothesis that members want to have a forum, the goal has to be to create a link between our CRM and Node. Some sort of restful interface.

    Any thoughts you good people have on how to achieve either batch load of accounts / integration with a CRM would be appreciated.


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    If your users are stored in a db, you can build a plugin that works with nodebb-plugin-import.

  • GNU/Linux

    Alternatively, you could consider installing the write-api and importing the users that way.

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