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    I've had this idea in my head for a while that organizing education by courses and "subject" tracks is a weird inefficient way to do it.

    What I think would be better is members only online forums that curate a list of great resources and then have learning guides that can help you define your next challenges and find the right resources to solve them.

    I think it would be cool to base an MVP on NodeBB, but it's going to require me to learn about how NodeBB is structured and write widgets. So, I thought, why not do the first learning club about something that can help me build the platform?

    Would anyone have any interest in joining a club whose sole focus is building widgets? Would any NodeBB Ninja have any interest in getting paid to run said club? 100% of revenue would go to the instructors.

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    Sounds like a cool idea. Go for it 😉 Maybe we can give you a hand, if not directly, but at the very least promotion via our social media channels, etc.

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    @psychobunny said:

    Sounds like a cool idea.

    Yeah, definitely.

    @Andrew-Stover said:

    focus is building widgets

    (and/not) plugins?

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    Plugins, widgets, themes. Could cover all of them. But I think it's important that there's a specified area for each so it's not just "Learn NodeBB". I tried getting a NodeBB instance running on Heroku a few days ago, but it kept crashing. Once I figure out how to get it deployed I'll edit it up, and throw it back here for feedback.

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    Sounds cool.

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    I'm interested in the idea too. 🙂

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