Recent topic number not updated when browsing from outside recent page

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    When I access a topic that it's listed in recent page from it's category, for example, the number of unwatched recent topics is not updated; even if I refresh recent page.

    Shouldn't this list be updated wherever the access is made?

    For me has no sense having read a topic, and visualizing it in recent as non-read/with new replies.


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    Please feel free to submit a bug.

    But it is probably CPU Saving & Optimization.

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    I don't really get what you mean. Can you explain a little more?

    When you read a topic it should be marked as read in /recent. Doesn't matter if you read it from /recent or /category

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    @baris of course, i will try to put an example as follows: (you can't understand my explanation, because i completely wrote wrong the explanation, my fault):

    The problem is produced when I access a topic from it's category, and it exists on /recent.

    - Topic A.
    - Topic B.

    If I access topic B browsing it's category, /unread doesn't get updated, and it still marked as unread, even if I refresh /unread.

    I hope to have explained better this time. I wrote /recent in the previous reply but it was /unread.

    PS:excuse me for my 'Tarzan' English haha.

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    Ok now I understand what you mean, although it seems to work on this forum.

    If I enter a topic that is unread from the category page, the unread counter goes down by one and that topic is removed from /unread. Is this not working for you on this forum?

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    Working now on this forum. I was sure it wasn't working at the time I wrote this topic. Might be getting crazy.

    Sorry and thank you.

    PS: issue closed on github.

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