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    On mobile devices the notifications aren't immidiately shown unless you click on the side panel. It would be nice to see a notification marker of some sorts on the navbar.

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    @phit Thank you. A solution that is obvious once pointed out.

  • Permissions issue.

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    I have same problem as in below quote.
    User Groups in Category Permissions is empty!
    I've setup NodeBB on openshift hosting based on tutorial:

    Thank you

    @Tom-Riddleff said:

    @a_5mith Thank you for advise.
    But unfortunately list of User Groups in "Category" >> "Access" is empty 😥
    I don't even have a clue how could I broke it.


    In Groups I have 2 groups: Administrators and dummy 'Test group'. Both of them are not editable for admin.
    Can't create a new group as well.
    Please help ☁

    [Update] I'm using 0.6.x version

  • 0.5.1 installation problem...

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    @julian thanks. I can login as admin now after git pull today.

    I understand the sub-category is still working in progress. I am just wondering
    how it will looks like: for example: I have category hierarchy like: US --> California --> SF Bay area; and US --> California --> San Diego area.

    when user navigate to California category page, will the user see all the subcategories link list (like "SF Bay area", and "San Diego area") , and also see the posts to "Californa" category ?

    when user do a new post, when user select categories, will the drop-down menu show some tree-like hierarchy to allow user select a specific sub-category?

    seems it introduces a lot of complexity to the code base. we really appreciate you guys' great work to make this feature working.

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    gh#1577 (derp derp filling out more characters)