CSRF error when logging in after URL change

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  • I experienced several CSRF errors before, mostly due to cookie/cache issues or dated themes.
    Now this time, I changed the domain from test.domain.com to domain.com in my nginx config file and the nodeBB config.json. After that, I restarted nginx and NodeBB and tried to login, but am unable to because I'm getting "Forbidden" in the browser and error: /login - Invalid CSRF token in the logfile.

    Neither git pulling, npm uping, deleting the browser cache, restarting NodeBB/nginx/redis/the whole machine or using a completely different machine in another network helps.

    Any ideas?


        "url": "https://schreibnacht.de",
        "port": ["4567", "4568", "4569"],
        "secret": " ... ",
        "database": "redis",
        "redis": {
            "host": "",
            "port": "6379",
            "password": " ... ",
            "database": "0"

    EDIT: Weird enough, I just realized that at the old subdomain (as a CNAME) logging in is still possible...

  • Try to update/reinstall theme or install new one for test purposes.

    As I can see it could be anything from email address in datastore to page title:

  • No success with switching to vanilla.
    I should mention I am using 0.70-dev right now...

  • When comparing the token generated at the server and the client, I can see a pattern:

    First try
    Server: _aNRp8doIko-eEJxUbgyCXfl
    Client: 6U0tpPQQ-7ZC7bLRg2GVnbsOHa6GHkLGR_C8

    Second try
    Server: m9A1Lnf7efV78dRuLAhKJ2zh
    Client: WV8qGiVr-g555xVnuD1QZHWcavkB_ateMKX4

    Third try
    Server: ocShckErFsoLYVY_duiBP5ug
    Client: bT4diTiU-9pQlbtfwLeJy1ALCSVoM2xLZe_4

    So the scheme by which those are produced seems to be off. No idea how to mince this into a solution, but hey. It's something!

  • Okay, I solved it myself - seem to not have saved the new cookie domain correctly.
    Someone should write a few guides on migrating... Maybe I'll do it tomorrow evening.

  • @Moritz-Friedrich said:

    Weird enough, I just realized that at the old subdomain (as a CNAME) logging in is still possible...

    Default this is not set to anything, so this doesn't need to be set... afaik

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