Recent Topics + Categories on the Home Page

  • Hi,

    Im trying (with no sucess) to merge those two pages into a single on page("forking " persona theme) but it doesnt work. (mixed recent.tpl + categories.tpl)

    Depending on what i want to see on the home page, it doesnt display the categories OR the recent topics...

    Is there a way to achive that? 🙂

    (and no.. the widgets are not that cool as the persona css and display 🙂 )

  • NodeBB Admin

    This is not possible right now since the api doesnt return a list of topics for the category page and doesn't return a list of categories for the recent page.

  • . seems like a work for plugin...? gotta understand more how the nodebb api's work and how to use them on the template.. pff.. :).. thanks..

  • NodeBB Admin

    Yeah with a plugin you can completely override the home route and return whatever you want in the data.

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