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    We have just installed NodeBB (after having no forum for a year) and our search does not work properly I get the following error:

    Oops! Looks like something went wrong!
    Unable to execute query: error processing query: limit=50 skip=0 Tree: $and key == "post" TEXT : query=test, language=, tag=NULL Sort: {} Proj: {} planner returned error: need exactly one text index for $text query

    We use MongoDB 3.0.1.

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    Hi there,

    Can you please provide the following information to help us debug?

    1. Server or client operating system (if applicable)
    2. NodeBB version and hash
      • To get the hash, run git rev-parse HEAD from the root of your NodeBB folder
    3. If applicable, plugin versions
      • npm ls nodebb-plugin-dbsearch


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    1. Ubuntu 14.04 on the server, OS X 10.10 on the client
    2. v0.6.1 - 6858a250c96c6cf757fde2fd2f06bf30fb0fe647
    3. [email protected]

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