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  • Swedes

    Is there a way todo this or must I write a plugin?



    Must be more people that need this 😉

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    Right now you'd have to write a plugin, although it would be kind of cool to have a profile field editor in the ACP to add / remove fields as necessary

  • Swedes

    "it would be kind of cool to have a profile field editor in the ACP to add / remove fields as necessary" <-- yes, that is how it works in phpbb 🙂

    My first step is to get to know nodebb, then I want to migrate all my forums to it but i still missing features and the lack of knowledge at this moment 🙂

    But if we could add this as a feature request 😉

  • Plugin & Theme Dev

    Hello guys, I'm going to create custom-fields plugin. 😉

    Is any documentation about templates in use? Particulary I'm interested in augmentation of template outputs by plugins. First of all I would like to provide custom fields for the user (declared in acp) on page: /user/:username/edit

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    You would probably have to write a new hook and then loop through your custom data in the template. Feel free to send a PR to core/vanilla/persona or let us know if you run into trouble

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    @Nicolas , there is a plugin from Erlgo which should provide the functionality, but even after a tremendous amount of hacking around, I can't get it to work at all. Then again, I have a PHP background and only basic knowledge of NodeJS yet, so you might be able to make something out of it 🙂

    You can find the repo here:

    I would be so glad if we had profile fields, my users keep bugging me 😉

  • Plugin & Theme Dev

    @psychobunny is there any option to include plugin client js only for /account/edit endpoint?

    Also, Do you have an ideas, how to augment template for the plugin use - templates/account/edit.tpl? I need add dynamic set of fields to the template, Vanilla's account-edit template is 3 column layout (md:2-5-5), I would like to have (md: 2:4:3:3). Main problem here, that I can't find really abstract approach, solution will be very dependent on Theme... One solution, just replace template on app startup, another option, create set of regexps and try to change template or dom manipulation to get another set of columns. Anyway I'm looking for less dependent solution, so It will not brake with every release of the theme and easily work with another themes

    Taking everything into consideration, I will swap edit.tpl and include client js with a template just as script tag. But maybe you have better ideas 😉

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