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    @eeeee re: auto upgrade button

    We don't implement this because of the customizable nature of NodeBB. It is possible that if someone had a lot of plugins and they upgraded to a version that was incompatible, NodeBB might go down and not come back up.

    So it'd be like a "shoot yourself in the foot" button 😆

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    Hello everybody,

    I'm a junior web developer and for a project (a React App), I wanted to add a NodeBB forum inside it,

    Is it possible ? I saw this article in Medium (, but the guy doesn't explain at all how he managed to install NodeBB inside a React App,

    Does someone have an idea?


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    You'll probably want NodeBB to run in the foreground, and not pipe output to the log file, if you want to use forever or upstart.

    node loader.js --no-silent --no-daemon will run production mode and leave output piping to stdout. It will also run in the foreground, which forever expects.

    If you use app.js, you won't need --no-daemon, but you'll only be running one process.

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    @misdigest If they are not compatible with your version of NodeBB then you can either downgrade NodeBB, not use the plugin or try and upgrade the plugin yourself. You could also ask the developer of the plugin if they will upgrade it for better compatibility.

    Usually the errors will give you some information on what is causing the problem.

    at Object.Soundcloud.init [as method] (/root/misdigestbb/misdigestbb/node_modules/nodebb-plugin-sso-soundcloud/library.js:26:66)

    Suggests that the nodebb-plugin-sso-soundcloud plugin is causing one problem

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    I'm sure @psychobunny would love that. It was his idea entirely 😄