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  • Hi Guys, 😃

    having some problems with setting up the DNS with Digital Ocean, I've read the guide, but not sure what parts I have to complete.

    Nodebb is setup on the domain root at, I changed the nameservers at, I've added the domain to the droplet, but I'm stuck with the section that says;

    You can also connect your IP to a domain name with nothing before it (this should also occur by default when you add a domain):
    To accomplish this, create a new hostname with the symbol "@' in the hostname field. Your screen should look like this:


    Do I really need to do this? The only reason I ask is that this A with @ and the ip is already showing on the A name section? Do I duplicate it?

  • Admin

    Hi @LeeM, running a query against gives me this (truncated) output:

    ;		IN	A
    ;; ANSWER SECTION:	1800	IN	A

    So it looks like you're set on the DNS front, you'll just need to set up nginx to proxy requests on port 80 to 4567.

  • Hi @julian ,

    hope you're well and thanks for responding.

    Is this something I do through the DO CP or is this a Nodebb mod that I have to do with putty?

  • @nhl-pl and @julian , all is cool as they say, got help from digital ocean and am good to go now, thanks again to you both for helping - the post is here for anyone else that's looking.

    regards, Lee 😁 😃

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