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  • Hi Everyone!
    First thanks and congrats for this beautiful, fast and functional way to interact with a community.

    Experienced with html css and joomla, i started yesterday my first VPS and experience with linux system.
    After couples of tries, i successfully installed a functional version on the VPS with a clean distribution of Ubuntu 14.10 with help of this tutorial . (i do own my own VPS on ovh hosting, not like the tuto.)

    Apparently everything seems to work, except when i want to post a new topic. A bit inconvenient should i say. Function is working when i try it on the recent post page. Except on this page, whenever i click on new topic nothing happen.
    Any thought?

    Thanks in advance and keep it up, it's a great product !
    (Apologies in advance, my skills in linux system are near from zero, so I might ask real beginner question... but will try to refer to my friend google as much as possible.)

  • Please install the latest versions of the theme you are using lavender/vanilla/persona etc.

  • Thanks for your answer!

    May i ask if i need to enter a special command to upgrade it or can i just use the npm install command + the wanted theme to override the current one... ?

  • Yes just npm install will work ie ;

    npm i nodebb-theme-vanilla
    npm i nodebb-theme-lavender

  • Perfect thanks

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