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  • Canned Responses for NodeBB

    This plugin exposes a new user settings page that allows you to define snippets of text that can be quickly appended to a post.

    Comes in handy for getting across messages that you often find yourself typing over and over again.


    Install this plugin via plugins page in your ACP. Alternatively, npm install nodebb-plugin-canned-responses


    This plugin is compatible with the latest version of NodeBB (v0.7.0-dev, as of the time of writing). Requires a commit hash more recent than f0f31e077f5268d0b01753e37011d0ecf0e4d10b


    Context Menu in Account Pages

    Administering canned responses in account page

    Inserting a canned response into a new reply

  • How do you inster a canned repsonse to a post?

  • @SirGamer click this icon in the composer, it opens up a modal window for you to pick one.

    0_1448149425826_Screen Shot 2015-11-21 at 3.42.41 PM.png

  • v1.0.4 updates compatibility string for NodeBB v0.9.0.

  • @julian I love the canned response plugin but the options window is hidden behind the composer. I tried collapsing the composer but no luck.


    Am I doing something wrong?

  • Hm... are you using a skin?

  • @julian Yes I am. I am also using lots of custom css.

  • @julian Hi, I haven't heard back so I'm following up.

  • @noobbb For the time being, you'll want to disable the skin... looks like some overrides need to be made for them to work better for skins 😦

  • @julian test post 🙂

  • @julian Any chance this plugin is going to be updated and add more options for admins/mods to set settings?

  • Hi @julian , while restarting the forum (1.19.1) , I get this "warning" for canned-responses plugin... Is this a problem or normal?

    2022-02-03T04:28:25.721Z [4567/3637012] - info: [build] Building in series mode
    2022-02-03T04:28:25.724Z [4567/3637012] - info: [build]         plugin static dirs  build started
    2022-02-03T04:28:25.756Z [4567/3637012] - info: [build]         plugin static dirs  build completed in 0.032sec
    2022-02-03T04:28:25.756Z [4567/3637012] - info: [build]          requirejs modules  build started
    2022-02-03T04:28:35.741Z [4567/3637012] - info: [build]          requirejs modules  build completed in 9.984sec
    2022-02-03T04:28:35.743Z [4567/3637012] - info: [build]           client js bundle  build started
    2022-02-03T04:28:39.189Z [4567/3637012] - info: [build]           client js bundle  build completed in 3.446sec
    2022-02-03T04:28:39.189Z [4567/3637012] - info: [build]            admin js bundle  build started
    2022-02-03T04:28:43.542Z [4567/3637012] - info: [build]            admin js bundle  build completed in 4.353sec
    2022-02-03T04:28:43.543Z [4567/3637012] - info: [build]         client side styles  build started
    2022-02-03T04:28:51.795Z [4567/3637012] - info: [build]         client side styles  build completed in 8.252sec
    2022-02-03T04:28:51.796Z [4567/3637012] - info: [build] admin control panel styles  build started
    2022-02-03T04:28:58.818Z [4567/3637012] - info: [build] admin control panel styles  build completed in 7.022sec
    2022-02-03T04:28:58.820Z [4567/3637012] - info: [build]                  templates  build started
    [benchpress] warning: output bloat due to ambiguous inner BEGIN
         --> admin/plugins/canned-responses.tpl:44:17
       44 | 						<!-- BEGIN responses -->
          | 						           ^^^^^^^^^ `responses` could refer to the top-level value `responses` or the `.responses` property of the current element, so compiler must emit code for both cases
          | note: Migrate to modern syntax to avoid the ambiguity. This will become an error in the future.
    2022-02-03T04:29:00.904Z [4567/3637012] - info: [build]                  templates  build completed in 2.084sec
    2022-02-03T04:29:00.905Z [4567/3637012] - info: [build]                  languages  build started
    2022-02-03T04:29:07.261Z [4567/3637012] - info: [build]                  languages  build completed in 6.356sec
    2022-02-03T04:29:07.264Z [4567/3637012] - info: [build] Asset compilation successful. Completed in 41.54sec.
    [cluster] Restarting...
    2022-02-03T04:29:07.321Z [4567/3637012] - info: [app] Shutdown (SIGTERM/SIGINT) Initialised.
    2022-02-03T04:29:07.332Z [4567/3637012] - info: [app] Web server closed to connections.
    2022-02-03T04:29:07.338Z [4567/3637012] - info: [app] Live analytics saved.
    Clustering enabled: Spinning up 1 process(es).
    2022-02-03T04:29:07.393Z [4567/3637012] - info: [app] Database connection closed.
    2022-02-03T04:29:07.394Z [4567/3637012] - info: [app] Shutdown complete.
    [cluster] Child Process (3637012) has exited (code: 0, signal: null)
    2022-02-03T04:29:08.058Z [4567/3646564] - info: Initializing NodeBB v1.19.1

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