Group - Adding a group "master" user?

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  • I added a group so that it's users have a special access to a category (read, create thread, reply)
    The moderator of the group (master user) also have moderator access on this category.

    Is it possible to give one user of the group the privilege to invite other user to the group?
    Right now, he has to email me and ask me to had X user to the group, I would like to give him this access.

    I think I found it, you have to go to the group with your user and "grant ownership"?

  • Yep, you'll have to make the other user the "owner" of the group. Then he/she will be able to add/remove members.

  • Thanks Julian!
    Mark thread as solved, working as intended, was just looking for this function inside the admin panel instead of the normal user view 😉

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