Weird Back Button Behaviors

  • Sometimes when I hit the back button from a forum post to return to the category (on this forum) the category page reloads empty:


    Other times, the category page randomly jumps down well below the top of the page and when I manually scroll back up, it will jump back down multiple times (sometimes jumping even further down than it initially started).

  • Also didn't notice, but maybe that SSL warning in my address bar had something to do with it.

    Edit: I guess not - just reproduced without the SSL warning. Console was clean, too.

  • Community Rep

    Huh, that is weird.

    I tested it, and I could only reproduce this behavior in Firefox. And in FF it happens pretty consistently, in about 1 out of 3 back presses. No errors are ever thrown.

  • The SSL warning was probably the result of an off-site image being referenced from imgur.

  • Admin

    @baris is posting a fix shortly 🙂

    EDIT: maybe, let's see haha.

  • @Ted shouldn't have been loading any imgur links on a category page, as far as I know. I haven't seen the SSL warning pop up since, so maybe just a one-time communication problem or who knows what. Pretty much impossible to tell unless it can be reproduced, since I didn't notice it at the time and therefore didn't actually even read the message from Chrome.

  • Admin

    The SSL warning is most likely a user with an imgur uploaded image that was saved into the database as http instead of https. That's all.

  • @julian That seems weird to me, though, because it occurred on the category page, which shouldn't be loading user posts.

    But like I said, I haven't seen it pop up since, so probably just my browser freaking out or something.

  • Admin

    The category page? Yeah that could contain some user avatars that are also handled by the same upload code.

    Early versions of the imgur plugin saved the image urls as http, not https 🙂

  • @julian Ah. I wasn't thinking about avatars.

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