Uploads - Limit upload file type?

  • I just enabled the upload function in nodeBB, working great!
    I would like to set up upload so only a couple of file format is allowed (in order to prevent .exe, etc.)
    Is that possible in nodeBB? I will probably switch the upload path to Amason S3 using the plugin also

  • upload-e0a70516-7bda-4c50-ae5e-447dafc9be97
    This setting is under ACP>Settings>Post

  • Weird i'm not seeing in in my nodeBB instance:
    NodeBB v0.6.1.


    Decided not to let user upload files, they will use other upload service and provide links, much easier for me
    Thanks for the help

  • Yeah this setting is coming in the 0.7.0 release.

  • Great! when is the 0.7 coming out?
    This may have been asked, but will all the nodeBB be compatible for upgrade?
    For example, if I save my dump.rdb, I should be able to upgrade to any version later?
    Thanks for the great work, hoping to contribute to nodeBB soon!

  • Yes you can upgrade from older versions, upgrading from the latest 0.6.x to 0.7.0 will be pretty straightforward.

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