Make Categories Optional... and Tagging More Powerful

Feature Requests
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    ... so that one can have only one single view of all posts instead.

    I very much prefer tagging. So it would be great to have rights attached to tags. For example tags which only admins can assign. Tags which make replying impossible or only possible for some groups in particular.

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    I personally prefer the actual approach. For me the use of tags exclusively would be chaotic.

    I think that you can achive what you propose, with only one category, and with a plugin that assign permissions to certain tags.

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    So how to make that when you visit the root / that you see directly whats inside the only category?

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    @v4 I think there´s already a plugin that lets you do that, show the N last posts from a category in the home page. Since you only have one category, i think that meets your requirement. Check the plugins category in this forum, i think you'll find it there.

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