Come Join Us to Celebrate One Year of MangoLassi on NodeBB

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  • Hey everyone, MangoLassi is a NodeBB community run by Grove Social. We've been up and running for a year and tomorrow, Friday the 13th, we are going to be throwing a kind of online "party" on our community. We are an IT and technology social community, a great place to ask technical questions, provide technical insight, join in techie conversations, make geeky friends or just get social with other IT pros. We are a friendly place and would love to see lots of NodeBB friends stop in to say hi and check out the community!

    Here is the announcement link:

    We are choosing tomorrow because our sponsor (Grove Social) is presenting about social media to a large Microsoft event tomorrow morning and many new people will be checking out the site. We are pushing hard to make it a fun day with lots and lots of active people posting all day long.

    Hope to see you all there! Thanks.

  • We are having quite a day. I saw @baris pop in for a minute. We've got record users, both registered and anonymous visitors right now. And definitely record posting. It's going great.

  • Site isn't breaking a sweat even with the five fold bigger load than normal busy days. We are really impressed.

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    If you are only going to use mongodb definitely have multiple collections with indices that make sense. For example your users collection can have indices on username whereas your posts collection can have indices on content and userid etc.

    Well, remember that NodeBB is firstly designed with redis in mind (a simple in-memory key/value store) so that might affect the document design decisions they made for their mongodb collection.

    This is why we have one collection in our mongodb implementation. To make db.delete db.rename easy to implement. From the db perspective there is no difference between a post and user object they are both indexed by the _key field so finding them is easy. For sorting and querying we use sorted sets, they are implemented in mongo using indices on value and score.

    if embedded documents in my collection persons is more efficient than saving them in the same collection with a different key.

    I wouldn't suggest embedding lots of documents, mongodb has a document size limit of 16mb so it won't let you insert more users after some point.

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    @kimmanuel what I meant that it's too fast for the user to see it.

    just use the Custom JS and try it out. It'll work, i already edit the menu items here:

    Right click and view-source (or if you're in chrome click here) and you'll see the Custom JS script tag that reverses the menu items, hides the icons, shows the text instead and it adds a new item called "Home"

    <script> $(function() { var ul = $("ul#main-nav"); var items = ul.find("li"); items.each(function(i, li){ li = $(li); li.find("a>i").addClass("hide"); li.find("a span").removeClass("visible-xs-inline"); }); ul .append(items.get().reverse()) .prepend('<li><a href="" title="" target="_top" data-original-title="Home"><i class="fa fa-fw fa-home hide"></i><span class=""> Home</span></a></li>'); }); </script>
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    is there any way to get this theme? The developer site is down.

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    Digital Ocean or vultr 5$ works fine 🙂

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    No IP. I just based configuration Ghost and it's doesn't works.