[nodebb-plugin-imdb] Popover IMDB information

  • Here is my first plugin for NodeBB!
    Over at BitBangers we have a thread for "Must Watch Films" where we post IMDB links to films and a little bit on what we thought about it.
    This got me thinking about a plugin that would embed the IMDB information into the page when a link gets posted. After a chat with @Almost and @Schamper I decided that a popover, similar to the cards plugin, would be a better way of doing things.

    IMDB Popover


    This plugin relies on the API being available. When testing it i found that the api would drop offline for a minute or so and the popovers would not show, I cannot control this.

    Currently the popover will show the Title of the film, Rating, Genre and a short plot. I was hoping to add the film posters to the popover too but IMDB does not allow hotlinking to their images so this feature is unavailable at this time. The OMDB API that I am using does have a poster API but that is currently donators/beta testers only.

    If your site is using HTTPS this plugin wont work either as the content is served from OMDB API over HTTP, until the OMDB API enables SSL this plugin will not work correctly on your site.

    Test it out and let me know of any bugs!

    Plugin Progress via BitBangers
    Demo via BitBangers

  • GNU/Linux Admin

    @Scuzz Are you using caching? I find that when dealing with APIs of any sort, caching is handy in case the remote API drops out for whatver reason, or becomes slow/unresponsive.

    I typically use lru-cache 😄

    Also, bonus points if you integrate rotten tomatoes into it as well 😉

  • @julian No caching yet but it will be something that i can look into.

  • @julian @Scuzz the API calls are being made on the client, so the webbrowser should already do all the caching (unless you tell jQuery otherwise).

  • Haha congrats for finally becoming a plugin dev 😛

  • Just noticed that this also works for TV shows 🙂
    I can include the RT rating @julian

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