How do I extend Lavender and Vanilla themes?

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  • Last time I needed to make some simple changes to Lavender, I did so by just forking it and adding my changes to it, without touching Vanilla.

    Now I am trying to start a new theme that would be more suitable for use as a support system, and I think I am going to add a bit more changes. For example, I like to modify what gets displayed in the header menu.

    If I only fork Lavender I wont be able to make any changes to menu.tpl since that is coming from its dependency which is the Vanilla theme. How do you think I should go about doing this? Should I copy the content of Vanilla theme into Lavender and continue, or is there a better way of doing this?

  • If you make a menu.tpl in lavender it will overwrite the one from vanilla so thats one way of doing it. Or you can fork vanilla and do the changes in your fork and make that a new theme.

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