• I am having an issue with uploading images on my site. They apear to upload ok but when posted it shows a file extension and not an image. Maybe I am just missing a simple button or something, not sure. Anyone know what I am doing wrong? Thanks.

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    Are you utilising the imgur plugin, or just uploading straight to disk (no plugin)?

  • No plugin I believe. Is that wrong?

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    To each their own, we recommend using a plugin like "imgur" just so it goes off-site, but some people like to maintain the file on the server itself for privacy.

    Can you tell us what it ends up showing in the composer after uploading?

  • I don't mind using imgur, you can set it as private I believe and will use less disk space. looking at it again so I can send you what its doing and looks like I am doing file upload. Don't see an option to allow image. Do I need a plug in to allow it.

    @julian also want to say I appreciate your help as well as all the others that have answered my questions. I know some are pretty dumb lol, this is just something new to me so thanks for the help.

  • Hey, was just looking at this myself.

    I had a look at the imgur option while I was about to post a reply and they asking for a
    Authorization callback URL

    Now there's no mention of this in the plugin?

    So I tried to do it with out the plugin and all I get is

    What am I missing?



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    @Dave-Huggy-Jones when you register an imgur app, just choose an option without callback. All goes well with that option, at least for me.

    p.s. I guess it would be nice, to have a mention of that nuance on the plugin page

  • @Mega

    Ah Ok thank you, I was choosing last option!

    Anyway done that got my id, try and save it in the plugin section and nothing happens,
    I've restarted twice any ideas? If a paste code code hit save and nothing, come out go back in and not saved?

    EDIT: Found and fixed bugs at my end will submit pull requests.

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