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    Hello guys,

    I'm probing NodeBB, if it is good choice for migration from mammoth IPB.
    I would like to know what do you think on these subjects:

    Initial Database selection

    What do you think, which DB better suits NodeBB? Redis or Mongo? And why?

    Nginx, ot not to nginx

    Is it really good choice to have NodeBB as standalone application? For example, nginx provide nice options to cache some requests to static stuff like images, etc. Do you handle it? One of nginx examples:

    # Media: images, icons, video, audio
        location ~* \.(?:jpg|jpeg|gif|png|ico|cur|gz|svg|svgz|mp4|ogg|ogv|webm|swf)$ {
                expires 1M;
                access_log off;
                add_header Cache-Control "public";
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    Redis is just as reliable as mongo and can be backed up to a different server just as easily, above.

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    @Nicolas check out: Using nginx to serve NodeBB's static assets

    I'd pick Mongo for a large migration as well. Mongo is stable, and we're moving over to it for our hosted NodeBBs. Redis is just as supported as well.

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    Using mongo for the forum, redis for session-storage and and nginx for load balancing and serving static assets is a pretty good setup.

    When you run more than one nodebb process you already need redis for

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    What he says.
    Use both!

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