• Hi all, first good job for the nodebb so far. Now that the campaign is over, mind sharing plans of what is next.

    I did donate for the project (premium hosting perk), but it is too little to help. Not sure but i think if this project is placed in the kickstarter, it would be better...

  • By the way, is the perks gonna be fulfilled?

  • GNU/Linux Admin

    Hey quahfamili,

    Sorry about the delay -- and thank you very much for your contributions!

    Now that the campaign is over, we don't intend on stopping development. We're aiming to push more stability fixes and aim to be "feature-complete" within the next couple weeks.

    Perks will be fulfilled as soon as possible, although fulfilment of the SaaS hosting perks will have to wait until the SaaS portal itself is up and running.

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