Hook to add settings to user settings page?

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    I am trying to add this code in custom plugin file => library.js file

    For every reply should add reputation point in Topic author.

    'use strict'; var Topics = require.main.require('./src/topics'); var User = require.main.require('./src/user'); var meta = require.main.require('./src/meta'); var reputationPoints = 1; // Number of reputation points to award per reply var plugin = {}; plugin.postReply = async function (payload) { var tid = payload.topic.tid; var topic = await Topics.getTopicFields(tid, ['uid']); await User.incrementUserReputationBy(topic.uid, reputationPoints); // Increase reputation points by the specified amount }; module.exports = plugin;

    But no luck.. 😞

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    Since community.nodebb.org are for discussing the platform of NodeBB, it probably make sense to have a group that is whoever has a verified nodebb deployment and as admin. Having such group will help motivate more people to ask questions, help those site admins and also a promote a culture of community target: the "user" of NodeBB software itself: the site admins of NodeBB.

    I checked the group and it seems it doesn't exist yet.


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    the user's personal information in the pictures below , such as the number of posts, reputation and so on. any plugin?who knows?

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    best approach is what @scottalanmiller said, delete account but keep topic and post maybe with and alias user465 with the id of that account
    another option should be the current one, delete all

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    Keeping in mind that this is a machine run test, you must take the results with a grain of salt.

    I'm looking at this from an seo perspective, I agree that Nodebb is "zippy" but if Google are going to be using this tool (or something similar) to rank Nodebb forums, then the results are highly relevant.

    What's the point in having a cool looking forum with no members or visitors?

    NodeBB is quite zippy on my phone

    It's also zippy on my iPhone & iPad and my daughters Android tablet and Windows phone.